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We offer the most efficient photoshop jewelry retouching services which is among the most complicated compared to others photo editing services.

high-end jewelry photo retouching services

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Experience is much needed in the photo editing, retouching sector. We have been in this sector for over 10 years.

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We control the quality of every work with 100% security. We believe in quality more than quantity and it gives us strength.

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We have dedicated customer support for the client and keep the client informed at all times about their every project.

High-End Jewelry Retouching Services

Do you want to turn your otherwise normal jewelry photos into gorgeous and flawless ones that will turn the heads of your customers? You’ve come to the right place then.

We offer you a wide variety of high-end jewelry photo retouching services at a very reasonable price. Our retouching specialists are ready to work their magic on your photos- all they need is a green signal from you!

We provide high-end jewelry retouching services with the proper use of some of the best technologies out there. Apart from our highly experienced and skillful specialists, we also have powerful photo editing tools to make the best out of your Jewelry photo.

It doesn’t matter how big or complex your project is, you can trust us- our amazing team will deliver you the goods. Just let us know how we can help you!

What Is High-End Jewelry Retouching?

There are a lot of jewelry photo retouching services out there, but not all of them will provide you a high-end jewelry retouching services. That’s something else, something that will turn your ordinary jewelry photos into magical ones.

But what is jewelry photo retouching? To explain, we can simply say that it’s a post-production process where we edit your jewelry images with high-end complex software.

The procedure enhances the quality of your jewelry photos. This process includes several works like jewelry color correction, jewelry photo enhancement, background removal, removing unwanted objects, etc.

Almost all the surveys say that in e-commerce platforms, the best way to sell your product is to make them visually stunning. People tend to favor outstanding images, and they believe it’s a sign of quality services.

It’s the same for jewelry products, which is why you should pick high-end jewelry photo editing services- someone like us!

High-End Jewelry Retouching services Steps

1. Perfect Clipping to Remove the Background

We cut every single image onto a new white background with perfect clipping to make sure you can remove the unattractive background. The clipping artists on our team manually click every single image to create close paths- we don’t follow any shortcuts!

high end jewelry retouching servicehigh-end jewelry retouching services

2. Dust, Scratch, and Blemish Removal

Our high-end jewelry retouching services ensures that there will be no scratch, dust, or blemishes of any kind in the jewelry. We specialize in dust cleaning and removing any unwanted spots in the photo.

high end jewelry retouching service beforehigh end jewelry retouching service after

3. Making Shadow and Reflection

Quality jewelry retouching requires goodshadow and reflection. Flat images might provide you with simplicity, but a touch of shadow gives you depth and makes the photomore realistic. Similarly, reflection is a key part of creating shiny jewelry images as it reflects the surface and whatever is on it. If you want a high-quality jewelry image, then a decent shadow creation can be very efficient.

high end jewelry photo retouching service after

4. Perfect Color Correction

Images are nothing but pixels- and pixels hold color in all of them. So, even the smallest details contain color, and correcting them can change the whole outlook of your jewelry piece. It will look even better than real life, thereby helping you in internet marketing.

high end jewelry image retouching after

5. Photo Placement in the Template

We have a plethora of templates that you can choose from, and if you plan to use a custom template to place your photo- we’re okaywith that too! We’ll makeall the final adjustments to make your product images look good;the rest is up to you.

high end jewelry image retouching service-beforehigh end jewelry image retouching service after

6. Save Photos in the Perfect Size and Format

Many people face difficulties finding asuitableformat for their photos. Depending on your website outlook, the layoutand size of the images should change. Fortunately, we can resize your product photo just as you want!

high end jewelry image retouching services-beforehigh end jewelry retouching services after

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Like our services? Leave a review.

What clients Say about us?

We had some jewelry photos, however, the background was not great. It is necessary to remove the unnecessary object and some other work. The result of Pixel Retouching was stunning. In the future, I'll definitely come to them again.

William Jewelry Photographer

First of all, we would definitely recommend their work for Jewelry retouching. We are very pleased with the service they offered. I had a picture that required some tough retouching work. The output was very high quality.

Richard Production Manager

I had talked with a few high-end jewelry photo retouching services but none of them came close to the job due to the difficulty of the task. However, Pixel Retouching took it on and did an excellent job. They delivered it fast!

David CEO And Founder of Czar Shop

Pixel Retouching has managed to get rid of all obstacles and removed all unwanted objects from the photo in a professional manner. We have been taking services from them for the last four years and we are happy with their work.

Joseph Photographer

What We Do on High-End Jewelry Retouching Services

We offer you a variety of editing services, starting from something as simple as editing photos in adobe photoshop to more complicated work like poor reflection removal.

We focus on providing you with high-quality images, and our photo editors are a master of retouching services. From jewelry photo enhancement to jewelry color correction- we do it all. Here’s a brief description of the services we offer:

Dust and Scratch Cleaning from Jewelry

Even if you hire professional photographers to do a photo shoot of your jewelry, if it contains dust or scratches, it won’t be a hit. Jewelry photographs, if edited and retouched correctly, can even make it to jewelry magazines! We can ensure that your product will have a natural shine in the images after our retouching service!

Background Cleaning and Removal

Jewelry images looka lot more appealing when there’s a different, more fitting background. Thatis why we provide a full-fledged background removal and cleaning service.

Apart from basic background removal, we also do photo cut-outs and resizing if required. If the jewelry photo requires redecoration and re-arrangement, we’ll do that as well.

Bad Reflection Removal

Unwanted reflections are enough to ruin the beauty of your jewelry photography. No reflections aren’t technically bad;sometimes, they do add a natural essence tothe photo. But if it’s not something you want in your image, we can help. Our experts will remove the bad reflection all the while keeping the natural texture alive.

Diamond and Stone Enhancement

In many cases, different jewelry pieces like stones or diamonds can look way too bland for the customers to choose from. To make sure they look attractive enough, you can go for jewelry photo enhancement- another forte of ours. We can enhance the jewelry photo according to your preference!

Dust and Scratch Cleaning from Jewelry

Even if you hire professional photographers to do a photo shoot of your jewelry, if it contains dust or scratches, it won’t be a hit. Jewelry photographs, if edited and retouched correctly, can even make it to jewelry magazines! We can ensure that your product will have a natural shine in the images after our retouching service!

Repainting Shine on Metal

This is something relatively more straightforward as all it requires is Adobe Photoshop and its filters. But we plan to do things in a much-improved way, so after proper photo editing by us, you’ll have flawless photos with shines!

Color Change

For a color change, we plan to use the color path technique where we select different portions of images judging by their colors. Our photo editing experts specialize in handling image selections, and they commonly use color paths when required.

The multi-color path is another technique that’s more sophisticated and more complex. We use it when images have multiple color tones.

Creative Jewelry Edits

Apart from the usual jewelry retouching services, we also provide creative photo editing like photo manipulation.

In order to increase the engagement, you might require specificcreative edits like adding/removing people in a group photo or removing wrinkles and spots. We do all of these- and some more creative retouching services!

Creative Jewelry Edits

Apart from the usual jewelry retouching services, we also provide creative photo editing like photo manipulation.

In order to increase the engagement, you might require specificcreative edits like adding/removing people in a group photo or removing wrinkles and spots. We do all of these- and some more creative retouching services!

Straightening and Aligning

Yes, this might seem easy;you might feel like you can straighten, crop, or align a photo on the built-in photo editing app on your android device. But trust us on this- it’s not that simple. Based on the image complexity, even something as simple as aligning requires a creative vision. We provide that.

Jewelry Shadow Creation

Shadow creation is something that makes your jewelry photos look as realistic as ever. For that, you might require drop shadows. You can create it from random light sources in real life, but we can make your work easy for you.

We do the drop shadow creation synthetically, and it will be in the same style as a natural drop shadow- we can bet on it!

Image combination

Yes, Adobe Lightroom is worthy enough to do a proper image combination to show your entire collection at once to your target customers. But using it isn’t very simple, which is why online shops prefer different editing services to do their image combination for them. We’re among the bests in this field.

Base Level Adjustments

This goes without saying our high-end jewelry retouching services include basic adjustments like cropping, changing brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, etc. You can do it by yourself as well, but our photo editing experience ensures that we’ll do the job better than you!

Who Needs High-End Jewelry Retouching Services?

E-commerce websites are now the best possible way to sell your products online. If you plan to be a part of the e-commerce world and sell your jewelry, then you require our high-end jewelry photo retouching services now, more than ever.

Let’s put it this way- you have very expensive diamond jewelry, but the photos didn’t come as appealing as it looks in real life. The price automatically falls, and you face a loss immediately. So if you’re planning to sell some jewelry pieces online, you need the help of editing services.

jewelry retouching service beforejewelry retouching service after

Impact of Bad high-end Jewelry Retouching Services

Not everyone is as skilled as us, which is normal. However, people with minimal skill often try to offer jewelry photo retouching- and make a mess out of it.

It’s understandable why people would go for the cheapest service available, but unfortunately, cheap doesn’t mean good all the time. If the jewelry photography doesn’t go as planned, you need the best jewelry photo retouching services- as simple as that.

However, if you somehow end up hiring a bad jewelry photo retouching service, it could go wrong in so many ways. Instead of making the photos better, they might end up making them even worse! This, in turn, could ruin your online venture, so you should be very careful!

jewelry retouching services beforejewelry retouching services after

Why You Should Choose Us for High-End Jewelry Retouching Services

Yes, we can provide you with top-quality edits that will definitely impress the customers. We can do simple tasks like removing unwanted objects and relatively complextasks like applying digital masking. But that’s something many others do- it’s not very uncommon, really.

Why you should choose us over other jewelry photo retouching services is because of our dedication. We never miss deadlines, we never make mistakes- and we always keep you updated regarding the progress of your project. Treating all our clients the same is our priority- and we strictly maintain it.

Benefits of High-End Jewelry Retouching Services

Online marketing is all about attention. If you have the attention of your client, that’s a win. But how do you grab the attention when it comes to jewelry? Simple. You need stunning photos, photos where your jewelry sparkles and shines bright, photos where they look like they’re worth millions.

Doing jewelry photography is a good option for this. But in many cases, photos of jewelry like bracelets, rings, and necklaces don’t come out as dynamic as they are in reality.

This is where you need a retouching service, one that will make sure your jewelry pieces look as good as anything. And this is exactly why you need a jewelry retouching service- they’ll do the job effortlessly.

How Much Does High-End Jewelry Retouching Services Cost?

A high-end jewelry retouching service requires you to pay a little more than the usual services. However, the fact that you get top-quality photos without doing costly professional jewelry photography should make you feel better. We charge around $1.00 per image for basic image retouching. As expected, if you want image masking alongside retouching, we’ll charge $1.99 for each image.

How Much Time Is Needed to Do High-End Jewelry Retouching?

It’s difficult to answer this question since time varies from picture to picture. It also depends on the client’s requirements and the type of retouching.

If we are to give a rough estimate on how long it takes us to complete a single photo, we can say that it takes nearly 10 minutes to edit a simple landscape or street shot. When it comes to a simple portrait, it takes around 30 minutes. But if it’s a complex portrait that needs to be fully retouched, we might need as long as two hours.

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FAQ’s on High-End Jewelry retouching services

Is there a minimum order requirement for you?

Not at all! We’re open to any amount
of orders; all you have to do is ask us and let us know your requirements! Do
keep in mind that the time required to do the retouching depends on the amount
of your order.

What to do if I'm not satisfied with your work?

Simple. Please send it back to us
with revisions and feedback. We’re here for you, and we will listen to any
constructive criticism you give us.

Do I really need high-end jewelry retouching services?

If you want to thrive in the online
business of jewelry, you need it. Without proper edit and retouching, your
images will come bland and unattractive. So yes, you do need retouching.

Can I have free trials?

Absolutely! We offer you free trials
for one photo, and if you’re satisfied, you can always order more.

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