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Image Masking Service Provider

If you have a basic idea about photo editing, you should know that background removal can be really, really difficult if the borders are blurry or unclear. When the edges of the photos are clear, a simple clipping path can do the job quite well.

However, when the borders have blurry objects like jacket fur, pet wool, or hair, the clipping path often fails to do justice to the photos.

This is where image masking service comes in. This specific service is a much better upgrade on the clipping path service in the sense that it can successfully remove the background even if the borders are blurry. This goes without saying — Photoshop masking service is indeed a great alternative to clipping path service.

The main focus of Image Masking Service Provider

Image masking is by far one of the most complicated and important features of Adobe Photoshop. When a clipping path service fails, image masking services come to the rescue. The work of image masking is quite simple — all it does is remove the background of any image.

In general, people go for the clipping path since it’s much easier to use it for removing the background.

However, when the photos contain blurry borders like flying hairs, you’ll definitely need an image masking service provider because the clipping path fails to properly remove backgrounds with unclear borders.

In simpler words, image masking service is a highly advanced technology that is used for removing all sorts of complicated backgrounds flawlessly in very little time.

Main Types of Image Masking Service We Provide

Alpha Channel Masking

It is considered one of the most complicated image editing services ever. Blurry borders are often fixed with a simpler masking service, but when fur or hair comes on the background, it gets quite difficult to remove it. This is where Alpha Channel Masking comes in. With it, we can guarantee your background removal without any damage to the photo.

Alpha Channel Masking service beforeAlpha Channel Masking service

Layer Masking

Layer Masking is remarkable in its own way as it can point out the opposite opacity level quite easily. This, in turn, helps to disclose a fixed portion of your image, thereby making it easy to remove background. Interestingly enough, if you use the color black on the mask, that very part will come out as transparent.

photo masking service beforephoto masking service after

Transparent and Translucent Image Masking

Both translucent and transparent image masking requires ample attention from the photo editing service provider. The technique is used to separate transparent and translucent objects like glass, sunglasses, or bottles from the background. This helps the background sustain its original color. Our team of experts are highly experienced in this service and are relied on by many customers.

Transparent and Translucent Image Masking service beforeTransparent and Translucent Image Masking service after

Hair Masking

Fur and hair masking do exactly as the name says- separating the background from images with hair and fur. The hair masking technique is relatively simpler but widely important for photos with pets. Our professional team uses Pen Tablet, Refine Edge, and similar features to do hair masking. We may also adjust the exposure, contrast, brightness, etc., to make your images look more natural.

hair masking service beforehair masking service after

Photoshop Collage Masking

Collage is basically combining multiple images within a single background. Many clients prefer to use a common background. This is where our college masking services come to life. We separate the subjects from each individual photo and then add them in a single background. This process requires advanced Photoshop skills, which our expert team can be proud of.

hair masking services beforehair masking service after

Clipping Masks

The clipping path may not be useful for some photos, but clipping masking can surely be of help! This is an image masking service that gets the transparency of a layer through another layer. It’s a complicated process as we build a layer at the bottom of another layer, thereby creating proper transparency for the image.

photo masking service beforephoto masking service after

Do you like us as an Image Masking Service Provider? Leave a review.

Like our services? Leave a review.

What clients Say about us?

I will recommend Pixel Retouching to anyone who requires any Image Masking Service Provider done at a high quality. Fantastic value for money, and extremely professional! I am very pleased with their top-quality masking service.

Ryan Ryan Photography

Pixel Retouching really takes on the client's needs and provides an efficient, professional, and friendly service. It's a well-deserved five-star rating. I would definitely endorse it for anyone. will certainly be coming back to this site for any image masking tasks.

Jacob JT Photography LTD

We called Pixel Retouching to edit some of the photos that we particularly enjoyed but which unfortunately had an individual guest head squeezed with a sly smile between us. Our message was answered promptly and they took everything very carefully. It's like he never was ever there!

Gary CEO of Gary Photography LTD

The process of image masking of Pixel Retouching was quick and efficient. I highly recommend it. Their custom-made style helps to meet your individual needs and makes the process enjoyable. I moved into learning the fundamentals of masking images.

Shirley Model Photographer

Image Masking Service Provider Pricing

Depending on the type of photoshop masking, the image Masking Service Provider is $0.50 to $2 per photo for masking. The image masking technique varies from one photo to another, so we cannot specifically put a price tag on our service, rather we can tell you the total cost after we get the photo.

For example, for simple color editing, basic color correction, and photoshop masking, Image Masking Service Provider won’t be charging you more than $0.99. Apart from the photoshop masking, your edited photo will go through 3-step quality control and finally bring you a perfect, polished photo.

low price image masking servicelow price image masking service after

Difference Between Bad and Good Image Masking Service Provider

The common differences between a bad and an Image Masking Service Provider are quite simple. From the proper usage of the clipping path tool to knowing how to put masks on complex images – the editors need to know all. But there are some fundamentals that define the difference between good and bad service providers:

Fast Production

The production team we have consisted of proper professionals, something that’s rare among photo editing agencies these days. Image editing may not be the easiest task in the world, but it’s doable.
What’s difficult is keeping up with the consistency. If a service provider can consistently provide you with edited photos that are top-notch in quality, then that’s a good Image Masking Service Provider.

Proper Time Management

Here’s the thing, you getting to meet deadlines isn’t something to be praised for, it is what you’re supposed to do after all! But the continuity of meeting deadlines is important.
Maintaining quality and meeting deadlines simultaneously can be difficult at times, and a good masking service provider should be more than ready to do it.

Fast Response Time

When you plan to hire an Image Masking Service Provider, you have some requirements from the photo editors. Now it’s a business, so if the service providers take ages to respond, you’ll surely go for a different agency!
This is why a good image masking service provider needs to have a fast response time and even offer unique arrangements in special or emergency projects.

Free Trials

Let’s be honest, the customers don’t know about your photo retouching service or the level of standard quality that you offer. Right? But you need to let them know about the quality service, which is why free trials are very, very important before choosing an Image Masking Service Provider.
For example, we’ll provide you with 3 free photo trials for a start. Check how good our image editing is- and then go for orders of bulk images!

The Best Use of Technology

We tend to use top-quality technology that is available on the internet. Our service quality is impeccable, and if you see the sample images from our free trial service, you’d know.
Now, this is something that a good image masking service provider always does — make the best out of technology if possible.

best masking service beforeLayer Masking service after

Advantages of Image Masking Service

There are many significant advantages of image masking. Be it a complicated service like transparent masking or a simple image background removal — your photo will definitely look better than the raw version after the masking! Here are a few advantages of using our masking service:

  • You get to change the background entirely to give a fresh look to an old photo
  • You can reuse the extracted image on a much better background
  • If you want, you can isolate just a specific part of your photo that you don’t like, and not remove the entire background
  • You can create magazine covers, brochures, and advertisements using image masking

What Image Masking Service Provider Basically Do on Photo Masking

Layer Masking

It’s a very common type of masking. Layer masking is essential when the editor needs to edit multiple objects from an image. Using this masking feature, the editor gets to work separately on every single object, create a different layer for each one of them and edit accordingly.
Later, if it’s required, the editor can change one or two subjects by specifically editing on their layers only.
Apart from this, our editors also make image composites and can use the image cutouts elsewhere if you want it. Our team of experts is more than capable to use this feature wherever they need it.

Transparent and Translucent Image Masking

This is by far one of the trickiest masking works for any editor. Since you need masking mainly for removing backgrounds, both transparent and translucent objects make it very difficult to do anything with the background.
Elements like bottles, water, spectacles, or glass can be called transparent or translucent objects. The problem with them? They’re transparent so you can see the background through them – making it difficult to completely erase the background.
Another problem with these transparent objects is that they don’t have any edges that you can simply select and remove. This is why our editors use advanced image masking technology to erase background with transparent and translucent objects.

Clipping Masks

Clipping masking is a very interesting sort of edit. It’s quite similar to layer masking, but the difference being the portion you’ll be selecting for masking will get transparent.
It’s basically a series of layer masks but with different editing styles. Now, if you prefer to create text shapes or go for a specific shape on your photo, then clipping mask can be of help to you.
Don’t confuse it with clipping path services though, they’re two different editing styles. All clipping masks come with a base layer, another layer with the photograph above it, and finally, the text at the top layer. You can edit the shape of the base layer according to your preferences.

Photoshop Collage Masking

Collage masking is a relatively simpler task as it doesn’t require complicated edits like image distortion. As we all know, a collage is basically multiple images combined together on the same background.
In Photoshop collage masking, the expert cuts out backgrounds from different photos, separates the subjects, and then puts them on a single background.
This whole process requires the collage images masking technique. If you want to create leaflets, catalogs, or brochures, then collage masking can be a very essential help for you.

Color Masking

As the name suggests, if you feel like editing random colors on a picture and changing them according to your taste, then you might need to color mask the specific area.
Using this technique, you can limit the range of colors on your photos. In simpler words, if you apply a color mask, you get to put the colors on your photo into specific shades, so you get to control the pixel values of your photo.

Alpha Channel Masking

Alpha Channel masks are quite difficult to apply, mostly because they’re applied only when the situation is too difficult for simple masking techniques. This masking refers to clipping very delicate structures with soft edges like fur, fibers, fringes, or hair.
In order to remove the background with these objects, you need to have a soft transition between the subject and the background. This transition is basically Alpha Channel masking.
Using this technique, you only get to see the selected image content where the rest of the photo is not visible. Later on, you can adjust the unmasked parts with layer masks. For preventing the permanent removal of image information, this is the best possible edit option for you.

Hair Masking

Yes, hair is often the main problem when it comes to removing the background of a photo. Clipping path is a decent solution to this, but in many cases, it just doesn’t work.
For example, if you want to properly remove the background image without doing any damage to the subjects, then the clipping path on your pet cat’s photo won’t really be helpful.
This is where hair masking comes in. To fully edit product images, you need mask layers. The hair and fur masking help a lot – and we also fix the contrast of the photo if it’s required.

Who Needs Help from Image Masking Service Provider

If we’re to be brutally honest, we don’t always recommend photoshop masking service mostly because it’s a very complicated task and, at times, not necessary for simple edits.
This is why we’ve come up with some situations when you must take the help of an image masking service. So you should only go for a photoshop image masking service if:

  • Your photos need background removal, but the photos have fuzzy and unclear edges
  • You need to make a transparent background because your products are all translucent
  • The background of your preferred images have furry or blurry edges
  • You require a transparent background, but the original background has pets wool or hair
  • You’ve tried out image clipping with other editors, but it didn’t work out well
  • The photo has fuzzy edges that need to be smoothened immediately
  • Your image has some unwanted hair on the background, and hence it’s difficult to separate the image background

Now some services like transparent masking or alpha masking can be a tad bit expensive because they’re very difficult to do. Then there are simpler image masking services like clipping mask – all you need to do is contact a decent image editing service provider like us and figure out which service is necessary for the edit.

Why You Should Choose Us as a Photo Masking Service Provider

It’s one thing to have an unbelievably low price to attract customers and provide subpar service, and it’s another thing to set the pricing decent but ensure quality services.

We’re the latter, as our experts are always ready and in action to provide you with the best editing performance ever! Our editors tend to use the latest cutting-edge technology to do the masking, so no matter how complex the job is, we’re ready to find a solution.

As you know now, photoshop masking is of different types, each with different levels of complexity. Just basic photo editing skills won’t be enough while doing photoshop masking- you’ll have to be a professional photo editor to do it.

Fortunately enough, our experts have years of experience in this field, and they use the latest version of editing tools like photoshop and edit according to the client’s needs. Our experts work with magic wand tool, photoshop pen tool, and quick selection tool for different masking services.

From transparent object masking to alpha channel — our team does it all. Images with fuzzy and sharp edges often get quite difficult to edit with masking techniques only, so we take a little help from the clipping path technique to tackle the sharp edges while our clipping mask technique takes care of the fuzzy ones.

Our clients vary from fashion houses, art directors, photography studios, or eCommerce retailers. Even if you don’t fall into any of these categories, you’re free to contact us, give us a trial run and see the high-quality images we provide you!

What type of tool use photo masking service provider

Our professional photo editor use Photoshop to do image masking, but we use special technic to remove the background from the images.

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FAQ’s on image masking service

Why should I be masking my image?

While editing backgrounds or different objects in a photo, you’ll need to protect the rest of the photo by any means possible. This is where the image masking service comes in. We’ll help you save parts of your photo while we edit or remove the background through our photoshop masking service.

What will happen if I mask an image?

When you mask an image, the pixel intensity value will be set to zero on the masked areas. This means whatever edit takes place in other areas won’t affect the masked areas.

Can colors actually hide and reveal in different masks?

Yes. All the photoshop masking service providers use black in a layer mask to hide the layer with the mask. Similarly, white is used to reveal the layer with the mask.

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